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GenInvo is the go-to partner for those looking to better leverage technology in the life science industry. Our expertise in life sciences, leading-edge technologies, and software development enables us to provide innovative and transformative solutions and services to our sponsors. Our mission is to help revolutionize the industry to bring life-changing treatments to patients faster.

Data and Document Anonymization Solution

Say “hello” to Shadow™ – Your solution to anonymization quality


Shadow™ is a leader in automating Data and Document De-Identification and Anonymization technology.
Built from the ground up by the innovative team at GenInvo, a team comprised of both Life Sciences and software development professionals committed to producing innovative and long-standing solutions that allow you to focus on innovative science and results.

Document QC Automation

DocQCTM is a tool for automation of Quality Control (QC) checks that have historically required multiple, time-consuming cycles of manual review. Checks of various complexities are programmed leveraging cutting-edge technologies. These checks are augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms guided and trained by your document subject matter experts to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your QC process with each use. DocQCTM enables your Medical Writers to maintain their focus on the science, analyses, and presentation of results.

Next Generation
Enterprise Platform

ApoGI is an integrated, automation platform that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) and puts focus on standards and metadata management to streamline processes and the generation of artifacts typically associated with the clinical study lifecycle.


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