Case Study 1


One of the largest global Medical Writing CROs


Provide SHADOW™ via SaaS

Project Overview

To help in implementing SHADOW™ into client processes and building ability to do data and document anonymization

Scope of Work

  • Training to core team members on SHADOW™
  • Technical support to move all projects to SHADOW™ swiftly
  • Training to guide on industry standards for Data De-identification & anonymization
  • Help the client in building capability for Quantitative risk and utility assessment


  • Client team consist of only Medical Writers with limited or no understanding of Data De-identification & anonymization.
  • No exposure to datasets standards

What we delivered

  • 24×7 IT technical support for one month
  • Onsite Training to client in first week
  • Weekly touchpoint meetings to understand any challenges
  • Quick turnaround in Updating SHADOW™ to accommodate any client process requirements 
  • Shared expertise on Data and Document De-identification process during training
  • Trainings on Quantitative risk and utility assessment
  • Helped in developing services of integrated data and document anonymization process
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