Enhance Quality, Save Time and Cost with SHADOW™, GenInvo’s Industry-Leading Data and Document Anonymization Solution


One of the largest Medical Writing CROs in the world needed to establish a more standard and efficient method for supporting data transparency initiatives. This client was urgently looking to address an increasing number and complexity of anonymization projects. They reached out to GenInvo as an industry leader in data and document anonymization solutions for help.

Solution offered
GenInvo’s Solutions Analysts worked with the client to assess their current understanding of the data transparency landscape, and to evaluate the capabilities, required resources, and associated costs of their existing process. A custom plan was tailored to address the client’s specific needs. Gaps in understanding of industry requirements were resolved with provision of guidance documents, instructor-led and online training sessions, and ongoing, as needed support from GenInvo’s on-call “Data Transparency” Solutions Support Team. Capabilities were extended and efficiencies introduced as manual processes and use of rudimentary tools were replaced by SHADOW™, GenInvo’s industry leading data and document solution for data and document anonymization.
This client has realized 70% efficiencies in time and cost over their legacy process. As a licensed user of SHADOW™, this client has become a valued contributor to the enhancement of GenInvo’s product line for their benefit but also for the benefit of GenInvo’s entire user community. SHADOW™’s capabilities have been constantly growing to match the evolving regulatory requirements and needs of the industry. Much of this growth is now made possible organically and naturally via Machine Learning models and algorithms fueled directly by users of our innovative solutions.
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