GenInvo Announces Upcoming Version Launch of Shadow™


GenInvo’s CEO Shweta Shukla, announces the upcoming launch of Shadow™ Version 2. Shweta took this opportunity to  thank the team, she said – “I would like to thank our teams for staying on track during these stressful times. While it is easier to lose focus of what is important during this unexpected COVID 19 time, our teams are working from home and have used this as an opportunity to bond with their teammates and collaborate with one another.

As we continue to build our business, we continue to work relentlessly, while taking care of our loved ones at this time of need. COVID-19 has brought whole new challenges, but our teams have done a spectacular job in adapting to these unexpected situations and supporting our clients”.

She further adds – “We have adapted quickly and successfully with this changing economy and working conditions. We continuously worked to keep our focus of becoming a strong company and even stronger employees that already know how to work productively from home. Taking advantage of best in the class collaborative tools, internal webinars, newsletters, and social post we have stayed in touch and collaborated. We continue to address the safety of our employees, as business operates as usual”.

In this press release we would also like to announce the upcoming launch of Shadow™ Version 2 of data transparency solution. Shadow™ a leader in automating Data and Document De-Identification and Anonymization technology. This robust technology can determine risk for re-identification of patients & determination of data utility after anonymization.

It also has ability to generate Anonymization Report. With version 2 it will be AI/ML enabled and address the need of different health authorities including Health Canada. GenInvo has been supporting its customers for submission with Health Canada and with growing need we have added Subject Matter Experts to our team to support our Pharmaceutical client in agile fashion.

GenInvo has other technologies including DocQC™ (For automated QC of documents) and ApoGI™ (Platform for managing data and metadata while interacting with different functions in Pharmaceuticals).  GenInvo will continue to enable and support our clients in their journey, working collaboratively to understand the needs of their Systems, Processes, and their current challenges within this space. 

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