The Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical works in a highly regulated environment. The regulations demand stringent quality standards that can be achieved by using the innovation in technology. Geninvo just does that. Geninvo provides technological solutions to the problems in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Geninvo provides a personalized service, coupled with large company capabilities. As a Technology solution provider, Geninvo offer flexibility, team consistency and high levels of responsiveness and support to deliver a consistently high-quality service to our clients. It is because of our niche approach that we are constantly looking at ways in which we can add value to our clients in all aspects of clinical studies. We help the Pharma industries to solve problems at every stage of their work. Our innovative technologies and services help make research of pharmaceutical organizations simpler, faster and safer.

Innovation is the company’s key driver as Geninvo Innovation Team continues developing processes, tools, and technology that accelerate data gathering, analysis, and the submission phases. GenInvo’s latest innovations include SHADOW™ (EMA Policy 0070 Solution), ApoGI, Outlier Detection Software, and Medical Writing’s QC tool, ClinQC tool.

Geninvo has years of people’s extensive experience in developing innovative tools and in providing IT Solutions services to multiple Pharmaceutical companies globally.  The Innovation team along with the IT team has worked across multiple domains including developing various tools and services and its deployment through Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Geninvo also provides On Premise and Cloud solutions for all their products. All GenInvo products are based on open API system and has potential of providing different integration modules to connect.

GenInvo is in an exceptional position to have this dedicated, multi-talented group comprised of business, technology, project management and software development experts. GenInvo’s unique combination of expertise in life sciences, leading-edge technologies and software development enables them to provide truly innovative and transformative solutions and services. We understand the business needs/challenges of our clients and have ability to translate these as requirements and to address them thoroughly in our software solutions

Geninvo has experience of working with large, midsize and small clients, diverse therapeutic areas and interact with different function of clinical trials and deliver fit for purpose software solutions. Our unique Product based service and commitment towards the best interest of clients makes us a trusted advisor and strategic partner for our customers.

While the world is struggling to cope up with COVID, Geninvo has been working hard to ensure their commitments and deliverables are met with agreed timelines. Geninvo has been supporting their associates by providing opportunities to upgrade their skills, encouraging them to take online courses to keep up pace with the technological developments and implement them in all the products that Geninvo is currently working on.

Geninvo will continue to invest in the advanced technology areas to build strong products for the life sciences domain while scaling to other industries. Email us with questions at

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