Talent Mapping

Today’s business environment is volatile, competitive, and complex. To stay ahead, life sciences organizations are looking for innovative ways to optimize their resources while still managing to be competitive and agile. Dedicated to fostering diverse and promising talent to contribute to their innovative pipeline and product development within Life Science domain, the company offers great opportunities to life science graduates. We believe that convergence of the ecosystem is the future and are consequently working to create unique customer experiences. This involves innovative orchestration of holistic and end-to-end offerings, including Digital, Analytics, Applications, and Cloud services.

Life Sciences companies are increasingly on the lookout for truncating this process and want an integrated end-to-end approach with a single vendor to minimize hops, maximize productivity, and accelerate product launches and go-to-market. Quick access to the right talent, that will deliver on the set goals, is what organizations are seeking from business partners. GenInvo recruits graduates with diversified areas within Tool development across North America, Europe, and Asia regions to support this initiative.

GenInvo has made its mission to utilize the best of technology to revolutionize the life sciences industry. And we do this by providing innovative solutions & services to pharmaceuticals and other players in the life sciences industry. In conjecture, this will help deliver high quality treatments to patients faster and with greater cost efficiency to our partner organizations.

We have studied the global pharmaceutical market and understand that a culmination of the three highlighted Subject Matter Experts will be best suited to provide services to organizations in the life sciences domain:

Business subject matter expertise balanced with leading edge technologies and software developers is critical in delivering solutions and services that resonate with our clients. Here are some of the SME groups and strategic consulting services we provide:

Life Science SMEs

Current-to-future state road-mapping to assess and address gaps and any needed improvements (across multiple business and technical functions)

Requirements gathering for any customizations of our solutions specific to cater to your organization needs, or for new products/application.

Solutions Support
and Delivery Consultants/Teams

Assist with custom integration for any new or existing software solutions and applications across functions/systems for our life science partners

Development of new/enhanced software solutions and applications for pharmaceuticals

Solutions Analysts
and Delivery Teams

Acting as an extension to your development teams for development, implementation, and support of bespoke software solutions

Project/Change Management SMEs

Assist with implementation, change management, and use of GENINVO Solutions from Project and Change Management perspective

Solutions Delivery Consultants/Teams

Acting as an extension of your project/functional teams for delivery of specific services along with our own technology solutions (e.g., Data/Document De-Identification, Document QC (Quality Control), etc.)

GENINVO also provides development and delivery expertise with strong Biometric knowledge in the following areas:

  • Data Visualization (R, R Shiny, Spotfire, Tableau, Python)
  • Custom Software Development Services (Full Stack Java, Python, Shell Scripting, C++, Angular JS, UI-UX Design & Development)
  • Solutions for Big Data and Data Lakes (Hadoop, Spark) using Graph Databases. Build and implement AI/ML/NLP/Bot’s techniques around processes & tools.
  • QA/CSV – Assess, enhance and extend support for your software/systems development and implementation processes
  • Business Process Optimization and Modernization
  • Project Management and Delivery Services
  • Software evaluation, implementation, and maintenance

We at GENINVO have services ranging from Custom application development for your specific organizational needs, Anonymization services for attaining Clinical Data Disclosure and Data Sharing capabilities.

Our product line is a result of the highly skilled SMEs who have helped develop:

  • ApoGI – Next-generation platform for automation of your clinical study lifecycle deliverables
  • DocQC – Medical Writers automation tool for QC checks
  • Shadow – Your Solution to Evolving Data Transparency Requirements
  • Automation of Data Conversion – Handling SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) and ADaM as standards for human clinical trials.

Your search for life science talent ends here!

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